Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Arches Making You Ache?

Many of those suffering from chronic pain on the balls or heels of their foot are victims of a high arch (aka Cavus Foot). A high arch can be a symptom of your genes, a neurologic disorder or from other medical conditions. The cause of your high arches will determine the course of treatment recommended by our expert staff.

Even the most subtle factors can be signs of a high arch issue: calluses on the ball, heel or side of the foot, pain when standing, chronic ankle sprains or hammer toes are just a few. When you make an appointment to visit us we will view your gait (foot form when walking), muscle strength and general coordination. It is also good to bring in your most commonly worn shoes so we can check for habitual wear and tear giving us a better idea of how you walk on a regular basis.

After determining the root cause of the high arch(es) treatment may entail custom orthotics, recommended shoes, bracing or surgery.

If you are tired of suffering from daily pain or nuisances and think high arches may be your problem- visit us at Carolina Foot Specialists for the best in your foot care.

You can also take our online assessment to pinpoint warning sings of foot and ankle problems.

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