Monday, September 29, 2014

Football, Feet and More

Football season is in full swing, and whether it’s pro ball or pee-wee injuries are likely to occur. Even on the best day, with the most well trained athlete, accidents can happen, but we are here to help!

The most common injuries we see from team sports, like football, are plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, neuromas, stress fractures and capsulitis. One of the most important things for athletes of all levels to remember is not to over-do it. The majority of injuries in athletes are what we call ‘overuse injuries’. 

More often than not injuries start off as small problems, which are easy to self-heal, however these injuries become exaggerated when the proper time-off/rest time isn’t observed.  With team sports it is sometimes hard to sit on the sidelines, but it can be a vast difference in the severity of your injury and your recovery time. 

At the first sign of pain, impact, swelling or chronic soreness it is important to not only seek medical treatment, but to adhere to your recovery plan for the best outcome. This is especially vital in younger athletes in order to avoid chronic or long-term foot and ankle damage. 

Dr. Saffer and Dr. Brown are experts in the fields of sports podiatry, and love working with youth to establish healthy and successful plans for an active future. Come see us today

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