Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Plantar fascia night splints for heel pain

A majority of patients that suffer from plantar fasciitis can have a dramatic improvement with the use of plantar fascial night splints. This type of device is used to stretch the plantar fascia and achilles tendon as you sleep to give you more flexibility and help to resolve acute heel pain. Plantar fascial night splints are easy to use and the time frame of use is typically 4-6 weeks. Plantar fascial night splints have settings of 5 and 10 degrees. We usually start our patients at 5 degree stretch and move it to 10 degrees after one week. This device is especially helpful if you suffer from heel pain first step out of bed in the morning.
A majority of insurances cover plantar fascial night splints and we are able to dispense this product at both our West Ashley and Mt. Pleasant locations.