Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Professional basketball player suffers from Plantar fasciitis


Dwayne Wade professional basketball player for the Miami Heat has been suffering from an acute case of plantar fasciitis over the past several weeks. In the shortened season he does not have much time to rest his foot because of back to back games being more frequent.
He more likely will be treated with immobilization with a walking boot, physical therapy, orthotics, ice, and rest. Lesser invasive surgical techniques for a quicker recovery time may be Shockwave treatment, Topaz, and PRP treatment. We have touched upon PRP treatment in our last posting. Kobe Bryant recently had PRP for a wrist injury and is still recovering but his treatment has enabled him to continue playing at a high level.
Look out for future post on the progression of Dwayne Wade's injury and the treatments that he has had.
Our practice offers various conservative options for heel pain in the recreational and serious competitive athlete. We are also board certified in Foot Surgery if surgery is an option.