Monday, December 12, 2016

Patient Education videos CFS

We have just recently release educational foot videos on our website at
The educational foot videos include 20 of the most common foot ailments that we see in our practice. In addition we have three minute videos hosted by our foot specialists on specific topics such as Bunions, heel pain, neuromas, and running injuries
We are always striving to educate our current and future patients on various foot conditions and treatment options available.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Topaz Coblation for Chronic Heel Pain, "Plantar Fasciosis"

 One of the most minimally invasive procedures for plantar fasciosis treatment is Topaz Coblation therapy. This is an outpatient procedure under IV/local sedation. Approximately 24 to 30 needle holes in a square pattern on the medial and central bands of the fascia in the medial calcaneal tubercle region at the area of greatest pain. The Topaz instrument is placed into the needle holes and the plantar fascia is fenestrated with a short burst of electric energy. This results in microscopic cutting of the fascia, increased blood supply and breakup of the scar tissue. There also seems to be an increase in strength to the fascia with this procedure.
   The drawbacks of this procedure are the need for surgery and the potential cost of the surgery. Although scar formation is very rare, there is a need for additional downtime with this procedure and recovery is usually slower and more painful. We typically place patient's in a walking boot for one to two weeks and then transfer into a sneaker. No stitches are required with this procedure. For more information please refer to our website home page and go to Heel pain center.