Monday, March 11, 2013

Bridge Run 2013 training tip

We are about three weeks away from the Bridge run 2013 and we would like to offer weekly tips to help you get through the run. It is essential that your running shoe is not to worn down. A good rule of thumb is to change your running shoes every 300-350 miles or every four to six months. In addition you need to ensure you have the right type of training shoe for your particular foot. First figure out if you're an overpronator (you use the inside of your foot more) or underpronator (you walk on your foot's outside edge) by taking the "wet footprint" test. Simply wet the bottoms of your feet, and then step on a piece of flattened cardboard. If you overpronate, the imprint will be that of a nearly complete foot with your arch coming in contact with the cardboard. If you underpronate, you'll see mostly the toes, heel and outer edge of your foot on the cardboard.

Other things to look for in a good running shoe are that your heel doesn't rub in the back and that there's still room in front of your big toe (make sure you have about a 1/2 inch between the toe box and your great toe). The running shoe is lightweight and breathable, and, most importantly the shoe feels good when you put it on.

It is worth it to spend a little extra money at one of your local professional running stores to ensure that you are fitted with the correct shoe. Make sure that your foot is measured in both length and width. It is also important to purchase a moisture wicking sock such as cool max to prevent blisters from forming.

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