Monday, December 2, 2013

Going Barefoot at Turkey Day Run 2013

To barefoot or not. That was the question I asked myself this morning when the temperature was sitting at 34 degrees as I left the house for the Turkey Day Run. My wife and 3 boys were joining me in the run for the first time so I figured I could shed my shoes and overcome the elements. My feet were numb on the short walk from our car to Marion Square. I fully expected them to return to normal 10-15 minutes into the run. Not on this day. I figured when the feeling had not returned by the 2 mile marker that it was either a blessing or a curse. I could get through the race without feeling any discomfort from acorns, rocks or the rough road along the Battery which would be great. On the other hand, the bottom of my feet could have been torn to shreds and I would not have a clue until later when the numbness wore off. I relied on my barefoot running technique which I have been working on to carry me through. To my surprise, I have almost no discomfort as I sit here several hours later following a great Thanksgiving dinner with our family. Even my 7 year old ran the kids run without any shoes. He came in 2nd place. Great job Matty. Once again I am amazed at what the body (and feet) can accomplish. Whether it is barefoot running, healing a foot injury or strengthening a weakened part of the lower extremity all you need is a plan. Your body will take care of the rest. 

Adam Brown, DPM Carolina Foot Specialists

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