Friday, July 25, 2014

Foot Health for Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers are the largest generation, and our healthcare is beginning to majorly center around their needs. Taking care of an aged foot is essential to overall health. What problems do feet endure with time? An article from the 'Oregonian' explains...

Age-linked woes 
Andy Dworkin
"Fallen arches are just one of many age-related foot problems. Time can also twist lesser toes, said Dr. Michael Kennedy, an Oregon Health & Science University orthopedist. Opposing muscles usually balance to hold the toes in place, Kennedy said. But over the years, the bigger, outer muscles can overpower the weaker, inner muscles, causing toes to bend up at the first joint (hammertoe) or last (mallet toe), or even curl into a claw toe.

Age can also bring arthritis, especially in ankles and big toes, and thin the padding of the sole, worsening corns, Kennedy said. Years of wearing too-tight shoes can also worsen the common foot woe called bunions -- genetically inherited flaws which make
bony bumps that misalign the big toe. Extra weight courts a few serious foot problems. One is plantar fasciitis, a leading cause of heel pain commonly seen in people just 20 or 30 pounds overweight, Bookwalter said. In that ailment, a heel-to-toe band of tissue called the plantar fascia gets inflamed, causing pain, especially in the morning. Women, runners and people who stand for work are at extra risk."

As you can see the feet can hinder your health in many ways. If you are having any pain or signs of the above come see us today. Age can be just a number! 

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