Friday, November 21, 2014

Barefoot Therapy, Is It For You?

If you are an endurance athlete, active in sports centered on running or walking, and you are suffering from nagging chronic foot pain then barefoot therapy may be for you.

Dr. Brown began self-studies of this therapy back in 2006 after suffering chronic foot pain following his first marathon. While this course of treatment isn’t for everyone many Carolina Foot Specialist patients have had great success with the program.

We do not recommend anyone heading out to their first 5k barefoot, but a lot is to be said for letting your body self-adjust flaws in your gait and stride. Being barefoot helps to strengthen your feet preventing many injuries. Our best suggestion is to visit a professional before beginning a barefoot regimen. The doctors at Carolina Foot Specialists can aid you on your journey to injury recovery, stronger feet and a future of barefoot training with proper guidance and support. 

How can you get started safely? “Dr. Brown suggests going barefooted for 15 minutes a day inside your house for a week. If all goes well, double it every consecutive week.”

Read more about his journey to Barefoot Therapy via the Postand Courier.

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