Tuesday, February 11, 2014

State of the Art healing options for Chronic Plantar Fasciosis

We at Carolina Foot Specialists are keeping up with the latest techniques for conservative and surgical treatment for chronic heel pain (Plantar Fasciosis).
Our Doctors over the next few months will be attending foot and ankle conferences in Utah, Orlando, and Atlanta to become educated and trained in some of the latest techniques for treatment of chronic recalcitrant heel pain as well as other foot and ankle disorders.
Heel pain is the most common foot complaint that we see in our offices. Dr. Brown and Dr. Saffer both have the same philosophy with regards to an aggressive conservative treatment plan for acute and chronic heel pain. They both come up with a treatment plan that still allows each patient to be active while undergoing treatment.
We are going to explore over the next few weeks minimally invasive surgical options for chronic heel pain more specifically "Topaz." Dr. Brown and Dr. Saffer both utilize the Topaz technique which is a quick outpatient procedure that allows the patient to go back into running shoes within two to three days after the procedure. No sutures are needed with this procedure and the recovery time is fast.
Our next blog we will discuss Topaz in more detail as well as in future blogs discuss a newer technique called "PRP."

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