Thursday, June 5, 2014

No Small Break: Broken Toes

One of the least discussed issues we deal with are broken toes. More often than not people who injure a toe do not seek medical treatment assuming the toe will heal fine on its own. However, an actual broken toe that is not treated properly can result in future foot pain, deformity, troubles with shoe fittings and more.
Whether you stubbed it, dropped something on it, rolled your foot or otherwise ‘hurt’ your toe visiting us can ensure your treatment is successful.

What to look for in a Toe Injury:
- Pain that subsides after a few hours
- Crooked appearance of toe
- Bruising and/or Swelling within the following 24 hours
- Pain with, or following, normal activity
- Pain when touched

Contrary to popular belief the saying, “if you can walk on it, it is not broken” is not true.  If you are suffering from any of these symptoms following a potential injury seek medical help for best results in healing.

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