Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pools: a Podiatrist's Nightmare

Like us, we are sure many of you are already enjoying pool days or perhaps an outing or two to Whirlin’ Waters. As much as we love water days in Charleston these activities can result in unwanted foot problems such as warts, nail fungus, athlete’s foot and more.

The most common cause for these issues are the bacteria infested, damp areas surrounding public swimming areas, locker rooms and showers. In the instance of public pools hundreds of people trample through this bacteria thriving environment unintentionally spreading fungus and giving it an ample place to grow...and in result, others pick up these conditions. We suggest wearing water shoes to avoid most problems and making sure to clean and dry feet well after exposure to these areas.
If you are concerned about any of the following please see our office for the most effective treatments. Recent studies show increased evidence of how easily conditions can spread among family members as well as to public. 
- Discolored Toenails (resulting from Onychomycosis)
- Thickened or Flaking Nails
- Symptoms of Athlete’s Foot (itching, scaling, inflammation)

- Newly formed warts

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