Friday, August 29, 2014

Say No to Sprains

Are you prone to sprains in your ankles? A sprained ankle occurs when your ankle ligaments are overstretched. Ankle sprains vary in their severity, from mild "twisted ankle" or "rolled ankle" sprain through to severe complete ligament ruptures, avulsion fractures or broken bones.

Sprains are a common injury in everyone, from your everyday Joe to professional athletes, however constant reoccurring sprains can be a sign of improper shoes, tight calves, a weak tibialis anterior muscle or overuse.

Almost half of all people who sprain their ankle once will experience additional ankle sprains and/or chronic pain. Having a rolled or sprained ankle in the past increases your future injury chance 40-70%. Many people don’t take a sprain as a serious injury, and in result do not allow for full healing and recovery time making ligaments loose and more prone to re-injury. Correct healing time and stretching/strengthening techniques are the key to lessen your chances of multiple injuries.

Visit us, at Carolina Foot Specialists, if you are suffering from any ankle or foot pain. Treatment and correct healing will ensure you a pain free future. Dr. Brown and Dr. Saffer are both experts on sports injuries and helping you get back to your regular routine quickly and safely.

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