Thursday, August 14, 2014

Technology for your Toes

Most people don’t relate technology to the practice of podiatry.  However many tools greatly aid in the advancement of our treatments. At Carolina Foot Specialists we are proud to be able to offer the latest in treatment procedures, technological tools and continuing education for our staff.

Being able to provide our patients with in house digital x-rays and diagnostic ultrasounds have led to a much higher recovery rates and more accurate treatment plans. Diagnostic ultrasounds of the foot and ankle advance the prevention and treatment of wounds, detecting tendon and ligament pathology, and detecting soft tissue lesions and foreign bodies.

Digital x-rays provide instantaneous images for the doctors to review. The data is transferred to a computer where technicians can adjust the image for better quality, magnify the area that needs to be studied, or even decide if the image needs to be retaken.

For those who are concerned about the risks of radiation exposure, these digital
pictures are actually better than traditional X-rays.

Also, having the ability to custom make custom orthotics for individual issues and feet have greatly improved the health and well being of many of our patients.

While a lot of our work stems from knowledge and clinical diagnosis technology has not left podiatry behind. Come by and see us for happier feet and ankles today. 

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