Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Say Goodbye to Soreness with Carolina Foot Specialists

So you walked around at the Fall Festival all day, you ran a long training run or you work on your feet all day, and your feet hurt, it seems normal right? Maybe.

After prolonged time on your feet, especially in ill-equipped footwear or new shoes, your feet may ache, but the discomfort should be temporary and minor. Often we see patients who have had pain in their feet for weeks or even months but disregard the sensation as 'normal'. We recommend seeing a professional if your foot pain lasts more than a few days.

Often chronic pain synonymous with 'sore feet' can be symptoms of Planter Faciitis or a Morton's Neuroma. Planter Faciitis localizes on the heel of the foot where a Morton's Neuroma is felt more on the ball of the foot. Planter Faciitis is more common in patients with arch extremes (ie: flat feet or high arches) but can develop in normal arched feet from over-use or wearing particularly flat, unsupportive shoes such as flip flops. A Morton's Neuroma is caused by nerve irritation commonly on the ball of the foot, often found in women who regularly wear tight, high heeled shoes.

Pain from both of these conditions can flare up during certain activities, times of day or in conjunction with certain shoes making patients think circumstance is to blame rather than a medical condition. However both can worsen with use if not treated, making conservative and quick treatment more difficult in the long run.

If you have suffered from heel pain, pain on the ball of your foot or overall foot 'soreness' for more than a few consecutive days it is always better to stop in and see us than risk further injury or severity. We will do our best to ensure you are on the right path to being pain free!


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