Sunday, January 18, 2015

Countdown is On- Cooper River Bridge Run 2015

Countdown Update... 70 days to go until the Cooper River Bridge Run!

Our beginner 10k training schedule suggests a solid 8 weeks of training. We are at a little shy of 10 weeks out from the March 28th event. What should you be doing before training begins? 

- If you are a true beginner and do not run routinely or on occasion at all we suggest you start walking once a day. Just take a stroll around the neighborhood, whatever you have time for. This will prepare your ligaments, muscles and lungs for your upcoming training. 

- Gather your gear. If you need new shoes, now is the time to get some (and make sure you get properly fitted!). The weather has been a bit chilly so make sure you have some good warm weather gear (we know thick socks are cozy, but make sure you are wearing moisture wicking material even when it is cold- you will thank us later!). If you will be doing most your runs at night grab a headlamp- safety always comes first, and it gets dark pretty early this time of year. 

- Find a training buddy. Ask on facebook, join a runners' club, visit the Bridge Run Page. The best way to train safely and to stay motivated is to have a partner (or 5!). Map your runs, know your routes and never run without an ID on you. 

Stay tuned for more tips on training, injury prevention and more with the Carolina Foot Specialists blog. Please visit here for our Cooper River Bridge Run Schedules and Training Page

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