Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What Holiday Weight?

Frustrated at those extra holiday pounds? Get on your feet!

"When women over age 40 increased their activity by an average of 3,520 steps (just over 1¾ miles) throughout the day, had a 5 pound weight loss in a year without changing their eating habits, reports a study in the journal Obesity. They also decreased dangerous belly fat by 12%."~ Prevention

Studies show that 30 minutes of brisk walking burns 150 calories (for the average person) and equals about 4,000 steps! Lace up those walking shoes and get moving! Those holiday pounds will be gone before you know it.

*To add steps to your day, try walking around the mall or grocery store before you begin shopping. At work, use a restroom on a different floor. When running errands, park in the furthest spot in the parking lot~ little changes can make a difference. You can also use a fitness tracker such as a fit bit or pedometer for better calculation and a little motivation too! 

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